Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bruce stops trying

MF strips rarely contain actual jokes, but typically they at least include sort of vaguely joke-shaped punchlines, so that if you squint hard enough, you can convince yourself that there's at least some token essay at humor going on. This one is notable in that it doesn't even make a pretense of effort. "Fat dogs...media liberal..." And THAT is all we get! Is this really acceptable? Sure, Family Circus and Blondie and fucking Shoe may all be pretty feeble, but at least they invariably contain jokes. Feeble, pathetic excuses for jokes that no one in the entire world has ever laughed at ever--but at least they're following the implicit comics code, where you're meant to at least pretend to try to amuse your audience. If Bruce is unwilling or unable to abide by this code, perhaps he should take his cranky right-wing brain-farts to a more appropriate medium, such as poorly-mimeographed leaflets handed out on street corners.



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