Thursday, February 17, 2011

The problem with Little Lulu: insufficiently EXTREME.

In my idle moments, I've fantasized about having artistic talent, and using that talent to draw the characters from Little Lulu as teenagers. seems I was beaten to the punch. Rest assured, however, MY imaginary pictures would have looked nothing like THIS, as drawn by insane Brazilians:

Just in case you need a refresher course, here's how these same characters originally looked:

I'm not such a purist that I'd deny that you could potentially do something interesting with teenage versions of these characters (though I am a bit skeptical, given that "you" are no John Stanley) but really now: the forced effort as "hipness" here is just gruesome, and seriously: would you even be able to tell these were meant to be the same characters if not for the photograph that "Lulu" is holding up? Fat chance. I mean kee-rickey, for both Lulu and Annie, hair is the defining physical characteristic. Out of all the things that you might screw up in a project like this--and they are legion--I would not have imagined that that would be one of them. And the less said about the body politics that required Tubby to be slimmed down (the ultimate self-abnegation) to be socially acceptable, the better.

Here's a somewhat more credible version I found:


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