Sunday, December 19, 2004

Merry Christ--ah! No! It's the ACLU! They've smashed through the skylights!

Let me just ask: is there ANY kernel of truth, however, small, to the nonstop conservative whining about how evil libruls want to ban Christmas, or--as I'm suspecting--is it pure, utter fabrication. I'm not a Christian, but I celebrate Christmas. Holy shit! Let's face it, as an American tradition, the holiday has become almost wholly divorced from its original, religious connotations. It's just a time to kick back with friends and family and hopefully have a good, relaxing time. If any liberals ARE growing to dislike the word "Christmas," it's because of Christianists' dogmatic insistence on using it as a weapon to beat on people they don't like. Which is, of course, their goal, consciously or not. They're trying to create a self-perpetuating system, something at which they have a great deal of proficiency. But hey--fuck them. If they think making their most holy festival into a cynical, joyless tool to attack their enemies is a good idea, bully for them--but they're not ruining it for everyone else. I'm gonna go out with my brother on Christmas Eve to wander through the park and check out the enormous, light-bedecked evergreens, as always. Sorry, guys, but YOU LOSE this one: you can easily ruin the holiday for yourselves, but your efforts to inflict your pathology on the rest of us are in vain.


Anonymous Anonymous pontificated to the effect that...

I'm a Christian and I just want to celebrate my holiday. Why are people so desperate to not use the word "Christmas"? Why do people insist that you are committing some social crime if you say something other than Happy Holidays? Every other holiday is referred to by its name.(Halloween, 4th of July, Easter, etc)

For the record, real Christians shouldn't want to take the fun out of Christmas - it's to celebrate the birth of GOD, lol. THAT is something to party about.

On another note, I'm not entirely sure why you think Christians are doing something wrong by pointing out that Christmas IS about the birth of CHRIST, but hey, I'm not judgmental. No one is Bible banging you over the head by pointing that out.

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