Thursday, February 10, 2005


Philip K. Dick. True, some of his lesser works are pretty unspeakable. But when he was good...he was really, really good. And never better than in A Scanner Darkly, one of the great drug novels of all time. It is insightful, horrifying, and redemptive. If I were to recommend one Dick novel, this would be the one. So now it's gonna be a movie? What the fuck, man? Stay the hell out of my literature, why don't you? But JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. A movie STARRING KEANU MOTHERFUCKING REEVES? MOTHER OF MOTHERLESS MOTHERFUCKING FUCK. Even if the blankfaced git hadn't permanently lost any appeal he might ever have had after the matrix sequel debacles, the fact remains that he can't fucking act, never could, never will be able to, and now he's supposed to effectively play a character whose personality is gradually splitting in two? Right. That was one of the most artfully played aspects of the novel. Forgive me for thinking it won't be of the film. Jesus fuck. Kefuckinganufuckingreeves. Fucking. So now a great novel will be known primarily from a stupid fucking movie, and we'll have to endure an ad campaign sullying its good name. God I hate people. I wish everyone involved in this project would fucking die.


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