Saturday, May 21, 2005

Hating America is the only morally defensible position to take.

At least, that's what it seems like more and more these days. Jesus CHRIST. If things like this met with immediate and overwhelming condemnation on the part of the American people, it would be one thing. But that obviously is not happening, now is it? Otherwise, we would not have fucking reelected bush, and if somehow we HAD, we'd be talking about impeachment right now. Be sure to check out the comments in that link to see a lone poster bravely defending American psychopathy. Hey, you "support our troops" fucks: I preƫmptively supported the troops--I supported not sending them off to die and become monsters (and who's to say which is worse?) for no goddamn reason. I know it's a meaningless gesture compared to the pious ribbons you valiantly slap on the backs of your SUVs, but at least it's something. But now that they HAVE become monsters* I must politely decline to offer them my continued support. This makes me ill.

*no, obviously, not ALL of them. Is this footnote really necessary?


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