Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Light amusement

Here's something I read about that everyone can enjoy: you enter "[your first name] is" on google, et voila! You can learn all sorts of fascinating and alarming things you never knew about yourself.

"I am sure that Geoff is not himself intentionally engaging in stereotypical,
racist rhetoric."

"Geoff is a retired Army officer and former Green Beret."

"Geoff is now in Tasmania completing the last leg of the Trail and I said before he is the first person to do this."

"Geoff is now faced with the task of cutting out the soldered section and copying the original, which will be a real labour of love, but this is the sort of person he is."

"Geoff is loved by major companies for his outrageous, hilarious, thought provoking
and most certainly unforgettable presentations."

"Geoff is also collaborating with the renowned Bulgarian marimba and percussion virtuoso Daniella Ganeva on a special project."

"Geoff is currently serving his third term as the Member of Parliament for Halifax West and is a member of three Cabinet committees (Domestic Affairs, Aboriginal Affairs and Global Affairs)." (eat your heart out, Gabrielle!)

"Geoff is proud to announce that he will be teaming up with Yes drummer Alan White in his new band, "White", for both touring and recording."

"Geoff is off to become an army dentist, a four-year stint, combined with officer training at the Army barracks at Randwick."

"Geoff is one of the great unsung heroes of the British rock-climbing scene."

"Geoff is not gay what idiot threw that one over you??"

"Geoff is sitting on a small, hard bed in a Cambodian brothel."

"The bright side is Geoff is such an asshole, no woman wants to spend much time with him so he will not reproduce his genes." :(


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