Saturday, July 16, 2005

Random Ten

Man, these are my highest overall scores yet. Am I going soft?

The The, “Gravitate to Me”
Perhaps it meanders a bit much at eight minutes, but it's still an eerie classic from M. Johnson. 8/10

John Prine, “Big Fat Love”
Bigger than me, bigger than you, bigger than a hippo down at the zoo. Lots of fun. 7/10

Gordon Bok, Ann Muir, and Ed Trickett, “I Drew My Ship”
Beautiful singing from Trickett, with unobstrusive but effective harmonizing from Muir. I can't imagine life without music by these people. 9/10

Violent Rage/mp, “Final Fantasy Hostility”
A short but entertaining take on the classic battle music. 8/10

Blood or Whiskey, “Majorca”
It ain't the Pogues or Flogging Molly, but it's still enjoyable enough Celtic punk. 7/10

Dead Can Dance, “The Carnival is Over”
Not quite as ethereal/mysterious as DCD's best work, but still quite good. 7/10

Manic Street Preachers, “Go Buzz Baby Go”
ARGH. When I was obsessively collecting Manics songs, I ran across a lot of these murky, impenetrable things labeled “early demos.” This is one of several where you can hear the roots of “Motorcycle Emptiness,” but on its own it doesn't have much value. 2/10

Mazedude, “Chrono Trigger Island of Zeal”
Man, there's nothing in the history of videogames more memorable than first seeing the Kingdom of Zeal. Great remix of a great tune. 9/10

Elvis Costello, “Oliver's Army”
Don't start me talking...truly a song that needs no introduction. 10/10

Calexico, “Impromptu for Piano and Contrabass”
Okay background music, but not that exciting in and of itself. 5/10


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