Friday, July 22, 2005

Random Ten

Here it is: like clockwork. Albeit from a clock that would cause you to miss all your appointments and probably lose your job. But if you're so great, perhaps you should build your own clock.

01. John Prine, "We Are the Lonely"
Yeah, anyone familiar with this song can attest to its superfunnitude. 8/10

02. Tim Hart & Maddy Prior, "Fly Up My Cock"
Sorry, man. I don’t care how mature you fancy yourself: if that title doesn’t cause you to snicker in a juvenile manner, I don’t want to know you. Seriously. It would’ve helped a little if they’d used a comma, I suppose. Anyway. It’s a pretty if unexceptional a cappella performance by Prior. Still. "Fly Up My Cock." Smirk. 6/10

03. The Prodigals, "As I Roved Out"
A catchy traditional number from the band’s obscure first album. 8/10

04. Paza, "Chasingbits"
VERY limited appeal here: if you don’t like 8-bit videogame music beepatronics, you sure won’t like this. Otherwise, it’s not bad, if not the best of the genre. 6/10

05. David Bowie, "Memory of a Free Festival"
You know, this song isn’t actually so bad, listened to in a vacuum. Unfortunately, coming from David fucking Bowie, the hippie-dippie "we are stardust" stuff is just too risible for words. 4/10

06. Salty Dog, "The Fisherman’s Song"
A dramatic traditional song from the Montreal-based Celtic group. 8/10

07. Johnny Dowd, "I Don’t Exist"
Minimalist stuff from his first album. Not one of his highlights. 5/10

08. Nick Cave, "Brother My Cup Is Empty"
Believe me, you wouldn’t want to find yourself sitting next to the narrator of this song in a bar. 8/10

09. Joe Jackson, "Stay"
A rather transparent attempt to recreate "Steppin’ Out." A pale imitation of a great song still ain’t that bad, however. 6/10

10. Cleaners from Venus, "Armistice Day"
Excellent jangly pop from the best eighties British group you’ve never heard of. Now if only someone would rerelease their original albums on CD…8/10


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