Thursday, August 18, 2005

Random Ten

Yes, it's Thursday. I'll be indisposed this weekend. YOU HAVE PROBLEM???

The Folksmen, "Never Did No Wanderin'"
A Mighty Wind is a great film. Seriously--awesome. Not as hysterically funny as Spinal Tap, but with more heart. All the songs are pitch-perfect folk parodies that can nonetheless be enjoyed on their own merits. 8/10

Buck 65, "Leftfielder"
The opening track of Talkin' Honky Blues; not the album's best, but a good mood-setter. 7/10

The Doors, "You Make Me Real"
Um...kind of bland. Adolescent they may be, but I refuse to apologize for liking certain Doors songs. This isn't one of them, however. 4/10

Elvis Costello, "Love Went Mad"
Pretty flimsy pop song. Honestly, the only things you need from Punch the Clock are "Shipbuilding" and "Pills & Soap." This one is completely disposable. 5/10

Greg Brown, "Where Is Maria?"
Brown is a really amazing musician with a wonderful singing voice; he deserves more attention. What a great song this is. 9/10

Steeleye Span, "Rogues in a Nation"
Hmm...I never used to think this was so great. But now I do. Great harmonizing. 8/10

Gordon Bok, "Mrs. MacDonald's Lament"
Another great seasong from Bok. 9/10

Nick Cave, "Papa Won't Leave You Henry"
And the walls ran red around me, a warm arterial spray. As far as unhinged derangement goes, this may be M. Cave's pinnacle. 9/10

Calexico, "Crooked Road and the Briar"
I think this is the first vocal track from Calexico that's come up since I started doing this. And a fine one it is. Joey Burns's whispy vocals are perfect for this band. 8/10

Tom Waits, "The Black Rider"
As with much of the album of which this is the title track, this is a bit too self-consciously silly to be really effective. Waits effects a cheesy hollywood-transylvania "I vant to suck your blood" accent. 5/10


Anonymous Anonymous pontificated to the effect that...

i don't understand why you have songs on your itunes that you don't even like that much. color me baffled.

i only put songs that i like on mine, even if that means leaving off most of a CD.

9:23 PM  
Blogger GeoX, one of the GeoX boys. pontificated to the effect that...

I think this spam is from the same fuckface that started me getting all this crap at my cmu account. Anyway, I see now that I...really don't know how to delete comments, so here's this stupid word verification thing. Gimme a break.

I have songs I don't like for several reasons: either I haven't listened to an album that much and think that after multiple listenings, I might like things I don't like now. Or else I have vague nostalgic attachments to an album as a whole, and even if I don't exactly LIKE a song per se, it still manages to be evocative. Or else I'm just indecisive and think, sure I don't THINK I like it that much--but what'll happen ten years down the line when I have a sudden compulsion to listen to "You Make Me Real" AND IT'S NOT THERE?!? Huh? THEN what???

5:06 PM  

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