Thursday, September 15, 2005

Chick Tract amusement

Oh boy, a new one. Nothing all THAT thrilling; you pretty much know where THIS is going to end up from the sixth panel. But seriously, Jack my man, don't you think the whole "help help I'm being oppressed" thing is just getting a LITTLE silly? Tell you what, dude: show me ONE example--just ONE--of a public school where kids "can't say 'Thanksgiving'"--and I will immediately convert to your particular brand of religious psychosis. And anyway, shouldn't Christmas be "our most honored day?" Isn't this slightly blasphemous?

Things I like: the kid with the "Don't trust anyone over 13" t-shirt. The fact that Jesus looks like some sort of bog monster. "We're dead meat." "All parties cancelled due to fire."

And...that's about it.



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