Tuesday, November 08, 2005


They have John McCain on the Daily Show right now. GODDAMN I hate that bastard. Listening to him defending Cheney's support of torture--christ, HOW is this man a "maverick?" It just blows my mind. Listen, you fucking apparatchik, you cannot oppose torture and at the same time SUPPORT TORTURERS. This DOES NOT COMPUTE.

But hey, at least we're presumably no longer obliged to have a grudging respect for him based on his having spent five years in a Vietcong prison camp--after all, they HAD to torture him! He could have had information that would have been VITAL to winning the war on American Imperialism! I mean, sure okay, we might have a "legitimate disagreement" over whether that was the right course, but you certainly can't dismiss it out of hand! That would be going too far.

Now he's defending the invasion of Iraq. What can you say?


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