Friday, November 18, 2005

Random Ten

Yes, the long hard cold generally unpleasant wait is over.

01. Reverend Glasseye, “Sleep Sweet Countrymen”
This isn’t a band you’d expect to hear social commentary from, but this song seems to be a thinly-veiled attack on Bush’s war. It’s not my favorite of theirs, but it’s pretty good, and it gets points just for that. Why does the Good Reverend hate America? 7/10

02. Gordon Bok, “Harp Song of the Dane Women”
Great melody, great singing. 9/10

03. Joe Jackson, “Right and Wrong”
Night and Day, Body and Soul, Heaven and Hell, Laughter and Lust…okay, that last one isn’t really a dichotomy. At least I hope not, as it would represent a rather depressing view of human nature. But the pattern is clear. This is an all right song, but nothing to kill yourself over. As with most of Big World. 6/10

04. Buckner & Garcia, “Pac-Man Fever”
Well, you see, they’ve got Pac-Man Fever. And it’s driving them CRAZY. Sort of cheesily amusing, but really not much cop. There are better songs from the album, even. 4/10

05. mp, “Final Fantasy 6 Engineer Cid (factory)”
Eh, it’s okay. Certainly not the highlight of remixdom, but…okay. 5/10

06. The Pogues, “Worms”
Their sepulchral take on the popular children’s rhyme (the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out). Cute, but it would be better if they’d included all the words. 5/10

07. The Decemberists, “We Both Go Down Together”
Fantastic. Pure melodrama. I love when it rhymes “Miranda” with “veranda.” 10/10

08. Johnny Dowd, “Betrayal”
This is from Down In the Valley, his perversely anti-commercial, only-available-at-concerts-or-through-the-website EP. This track is mostly ambient sound-effects as he drawls, you sold me out, ya little weasel, and things of that nature. I like it, but I’m probably in the distinct minority here. 7/10

09. Nathalie Khoriaty, “Red Is the Rose”
Pretty traditional song. Nice singing. 7/10

10. Ian McCulloch, “Dug for Love”
Easy to like this one, unless you’re some kind of big fat JERK. 7/10



Anonymous Anonymous pontificated to the effect that...

By the way, I got that album by The Tears, and I like it more every time I listen to it. Initially, the more ridiculous lyrics are very noticeable, but if one gets past them, one realizes that such songs as "Autograph" are actually well-written. And there's lots of cool music, like the guitar ending in "Fallen Idol" and the generally awesome-sounding "Brave New Century." It's not Dog Man Star, but it can hold its own against the self-titled debut.

- SK

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