Thursday, March 30, 2006

I got no emotions for anybody else, you better understand I'm in love with myself

Holy shit was tonight's South Park episode (about hybrid cars) a noxious right-wing screed. SP is sometimes enjoyable, but it's basically like a sociopath who can be incredibly charming when he so desires and then switch to being an incredible asshole on a whim. The "charming" parts don't actually say anything about his personality; they're just something he does to amuse himself, until it stops being amusing to him.

What Parker and Stone have done quite successfully is to position themselves in such a way that any criticism of their frequently none-too-bright worldview is indicative of an unbecoming lack of ironic detachment. People who are uncool enough to actually care about things are such squares. Instead, we're meant to accept as received wisdom the "philosophy" of a pair of juvenile millionaires sequestered in the wilds of Orange County, smoking pot and making fart jokes. Huh.

And yet, I'll probably keep watching sporadically. Because, yes, sometimes the sociopath is incredibly charming.


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