Monday, March 06, 2006

The meanest commercial ever

I really hate this one. It's for some new kentucky fried chicken sandwich or something. There are these three guys on their lunch break. "What do you have?" one of them asks. "Cup of noodles," he replies (paraphrasing here). "Only a buck." "Man, you sure are smart," one of his "friends" says. "We just got these somethingsomething sandwiches from kfc." They then have a round of increasingly sarcastic badinage about all the incredible characteristics of their nectar-and-ambrosia-esque sandwiches. Finally, to drive the point home, dripping with unconcealed contempt: "And to think--we could have had noodles." To top it off, they then engage in a hearty round of self-congratulatory laughter at the emotional abuse they've inflicted--no doubt a daily ritual for them. How long until cup of noodles man laces their sandwiches with strychnine while they're not looking? It can't happen soon enough.


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