Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hilarity on Colbert

In the "better know a district" segment last night, they had some Georga congressman who had cosponsored a bill to require the ten commandments in every courtroom. I'm with you, Colbert said (paraphrasing). Can you think of any building that would be a better place for the ten commandments? Mr. Congressman could not. He then asked the guy to name all ten. He looked like he'd just been sentenced to hang, and managed lying, stealing, and killing before giving up. Man, that is just really fucking pathetic. I'm about as non-judeo-christian as you can get, and reeling off all ten of 'em wouldn't present me with many problems. How come I'm not a right-wing congressman? Anyway, in my opinion, the ideal place for the ten commandments is in our public schools. Because who is going to appreciate the injunction not to covet thy neighbor's ass more than an eight-year-old would?


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