Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Against the Blog: 1-8

Webb Traverse works in the mine. In his spare time, he dynamites the mine, and mine-related items. It's the fourth of July, and as the section opens he's planning the detonation of a section of railroad with fellow anarchist and Finnish émigré Veikko Rautavaara. Webb acquired his propensity for fighting capitalism by blowing stuff up when, in a billiards hall in Cripple Creek, a ball somehow exploded, provoking a flurry of gunfire that miraculously left him unharmed. Leaving the saloon, he meets the Reverend Moss Gatlin, who preaches anarchy, and is converted. In Leadville, he meets Mayva Dash dancing on a bar, and marries her. They have three sons, Reef, Frank, and Kit, and a daughter, Lake. Webb wants his children to follow in his footsteps, and teaches them about dynamite, with varying results. Webb, however, is troubled by his calling, and worries about losing his family if he's ever caught. But he resolves to pound his philosophy into their heads, even if it entails totally alienating them.

The attack on the train track goes smoothly, and Webb and Veikko celebrate the fourth of July with vodka.



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silver boom = 1890-1892 (Repeal = 1892)

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