Friday, November 03, 2006

Randumb ten

This is what I do when I can't think of anything else to post.

01. Bok, Muir, & Trickett, "Julian of Norwich"
I know I'm prone to hyperbole, and thus should probably not be trusted, but I'll say it anyway: this may be the most sublime recording I've ever heard. 10/10

02. 16 Horsepower, "Neck on the New Blade"
A stark, plaintive little number. And how many other Christian bands use the word "fucking?" I haven't done a study, but my guess is: not many. 8/10

03. The The, "Armageddon Days Are Here (again)
Unsubtle, yet justified, religion-baiting from Mr. Johnson. 8/10

04. Yoko Shimamura, "Silent Labyrinth"
Welp--it's a track from Live-A-Live, a game which you should totally play. This song is from...a labyrinth. Presumably. Although not a silent one. Okay, so I can't connect every song with every area. The game has a LOT of 'em. But this is, like, atmospheric and stuff. It doesn't work perfectly on its own, but it does what it does well. 7/10

05. Johnny Dowd, "Just like a Dog"
Nice claustrophobic desperation. Like a needle in a junkie's arm/like a blanket keeping this baby warm. Fun stuff. 8/10

06. Echo & the Bunnymen, "Altamont"
I can't say as much for their other reunion albums, but I'll admit it: Evergreen is pretty good. So is this song. 7/10

07. The Handsome Family, "The Snow White Diner"
Guy sits in a diner while outside a woman has driven her car into a river, drowning herself and her children. The Handsome Family is one of the most literary bands I know. 8/10

08. Dresden Dolls, "672"
Not much of a song. The number in question is repeated a number of times. A cursory google search reveals no definitive meaning for this. It's certainly not MEANT to be a full-fledged song, but,'s not. 5/10

09. Emmylou Harris, "Like Strangers"
This is the kind of thing you'd expect to hear on A Prairie Home Companion. Take that for what you will. 7/10

10. Blondie, "Rip Her to Shreds"
Debbie Harry's vocal stylings are always entertaining, even if this doesn't rank among my favorite Blondie songs. 6/10



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