Monday, December 11, 2006

Against the Blog: 2-10

Against the Blog never sleeps! Although it probably should.

Lew Basnight runs about investigating stuff. He is also searching for a source of Cyclomite, his explosive drug of choice. In this, he enlists the age of Neville and Nigel, who are inveterate users of every narcotic imaginable.

They pay a visit to a clandestine "war office" wherea scientist named Dr. Coombs De Bottle works, doing general scientific kinds of things. He tells of a terrorist known only as the Gentleman Bomber of Headingly, who tosses bombs disguised as cricket balls at matches, which release a drug--phosgene--which, depending, often leaves victims unaware that they've been poisoned until, forty-eight hours later, they die. He is only known by a single blurry photograph--from which Lew possibly recognizes him. I wonder if this bears any relation to the Kieselguhr Kid (who may or may not have been Webb Traverse).

Neville and Nigel present Lew with a supply of Cyclomite. How sweet.

Lew and the Cohen (NOOKSHAFT! LOLZHORS!) decide to go to Cambridge, in the company of Clive Crouchmas, to meet Professor Renfrew.

They talk to the Perfesser about the bomber. Also, about the Ottoman railway thing. Per Renfrew, Inner Asia is at the center of the Northern Hemisphere, so if you control that, you basically control the world. The Southern doesn't really matter, he says.

That's about it.



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