Friday, December 15, 2006

Against the Blog: 2-13

Frank Traverse, afraid that he is going to be targeted by the same people who offed his paw, is going around in limited disguise. He finds lately that he is approached by people checking on his well-being, who, he ascertains, are in fact clandestine agents of Scarsdale Vibe who would like nothing more than to secure his employment in Vibe Corp. Frank, thinking that Scarsdale very likely had something to do with Webb's death, consistently turns them down, but in such a way as to avoid letting them know that he suspects them.

He's sick of gold and silver, so he starts mining for zinc, which, apparently, is something one does in Lake County. While there, he meets a "girl anthropologist" (275), only recently out of college. She asks him to take her to a brothel--for purely anthropological reasons, of course. The ladies take a liking to her, and:

"We'll take good care of her," Fame assured him with a wicked smile. Which got Wren to detach form her self-admiring long enough to turn and seek the girls' eyes, with one of those looks of insincere dismay you saw in erotic illustrations from time to time. (276)

Sex was unbearably sordid in the last section; here, it's light and funny.

Wren originally came west to search for the fabled Aztl√°n. She shows Frank some photographs she took of rock paintings, including

people with wings...human-looking bodies with snake and lizard heads, above them unreadable apparitions, trailing what might have been fire in what might have been the sky. (276)

These creatures, perhaps, wreaked some kind of ruin on the people. I think it's safe to say that they are related to the thing that the crew of the √Čtienne foolishly brought back with them and which then wreaked devastation on the nameless city. Also, the thing that destroyed the Campanile in Venice.

Someone wants to see Frank in Telluride, allegedly. He's figured out the identities of his father's killers, and, somewhat reluctantly, feels he has to head there, both to see his sister and mother and, maybe, for some sort of revenge. So he parts ways with Wren, but not before they engage in some heavy drinking.



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