Sunday, December 17, 2006

Against the Blog: 2-14

The show must go on.

Frank arrives in Telluride. Due to the presence of the substance in question, the town smells terrible. There's a famous gunslinger named "Hair-Trigger" Bob Meldrum in town; he's mostly deaf, and he's shot a lotta people. So be careful!

Frank wants to see the man in charge, a fellow named Ellmore Disco, a man who gets extremely upset if anyone disrespects his taste in hats. What he wants is for Ellmore to get him an appointment to see Bulkley Wells, the leader--I think--of the mine owners' association, or something. From Bulkley, he thinks, he can find out about Deuce and Sloat. But this is not easily arranged. We learn also that there are Japanese delegates in town, sent by the Emperor to meet with Bulkley. I think we should all be keeping the Iceland spar connection in mind here. Frank alleges that he has a new system for concentrating gold ore, for which he wants to see the man.

Ellmore takes Frank out to a Mexican restaurant to eat; while there, they see Bob Meldrum's wife, nicknamed La Blanca. Men have been known to hit on her--not thinking someone like Bob could be satisfying her--but then they generally meet with unfortunate ends. Be careful!

Frank returns to his room at the Sheridan for some zzz's. Bulkley Wells has remained inaccessible. But not too many, because soon Bob Meldrum is pounding on his door in an enraged fashion. He's looking for one of the Japanese delegates, whom he thinks slept with his wife. His rage gradually subsides when he realizes his mistake, and they go out for a drink. There is little chance, Bob says, of getting to see Wells, but look--here's Merle Rideout. You should talk to him about your alchemical schemes. Merle is not sold, but invites Frank to come up to the mine at Little Hellkite where he works the next day.

Oh no! Then the Japanese delegation enters the bar. They all have cameras (ha ha!), and commence to taking pictures, which are confused with gunfire and cause actual shots to be shot and loads of chaos.

Anyway, that's about all.



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