Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mallard Redux

So my kneejerk irritation with the "liberals, the early years" premise caused me to kind of gloss over the substance, such as it is, of yesterday's cartoon, but MAN. Just LOOK at this:

Seriously. Is there any possible interpretation, no matter how charitable, in which this isn't really blatantly racist? To be fair to Tinsley (just like he's always fair to his targets!), I do sort of suspect that this was unintentional; that he just sort of has these "politically correct liberals" memes bumping around in his brain that he's used to just picking more or less at random and spewing on paper, and this time he just chose a particularly unfortunate combination. But HOW did he not then notice it? Quite extraordinary...I dunno, man. Now I'm leaning more towards the "racist" hypothesis.


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