Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Today's War on the War on Christmas Dispatch

Courtesy of some deep thinker in the Williamsport Sun-Duhzette:

To those of you who profess that the ACLU is protecting all peoples rights, I have a question. What if I feel that my rights have been violated because I believe there is a Christ in Christmas. Suppose I want to hear and say Merry Christmas. What if I want to see displays in stores, banks and schools. Do you think they would go to court in my behalf? Merry Christmas to everyone.

Harry Gerrish

And what if I feel that MY rights are being violated because stores and banks and schools and brothels refuse to acknowledge me as the Supreme Universal Sun King and pay me the tribute I think I deserve? What THEN, huh? Will the ACLU spring to my defense? Huh? Huh? HYPOCRITES!

...I do like the fact that, amongst a certain segment of the population, "Merry Christmas" has apparently become synonymous with "fuck you." Very festive.


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