Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tinsley finally loses it

I know I've said that, or words to that effect, before, but MAN. Here's yesterday:

So it turns out that the last few days, about dog obesity and then about Chinese obesity, were just the set-up for a "joke" about Chinese people eating dogs. Ha ha! But of course, the real fun is in the footnotes, where he really GOES CRAZY! It's quite extraordinary...he really seems to think that "USA Today" is an adequate citation. This is bound to annoy people who, as college students, actually went to the trouble of researching papers and providing sources for said research. If only they'd known they could just write down vaguely-remembered concepts and at the end include a works cited page that simply says "the library." That would have given them a LOT more time for binge-drinking. As it does Tinsley.

As for the third link...well, you could *try* googling "dog-eating," but on the first page, at least, your results would be limited to, A) dog-eating in Korea; B) dogs' eating habits; and, C) hot-dog eating contests. Or, you could check the BBC (I can't believe I'm actually humoring Tinsley here), where this article seems to contradict his assertion that the industry is growing.

I think he barraged us with so many footnotes because he was aware that with this strip, people would accuse him of being racist, not that bright, and drunk all the time. All of which he has more than adequately demonstrated elsewhere. What the hell is going on in his head that made him think that making this unspeakably lame "joke" was WORTH all of this projected ridicule? Science may never know.

Then today he boldly forges ahead to make things much worse for himself:

This is almost too easy, BUT:



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