Sunday, February 04, 2007

Feeling like a DEAD DUCK

Wow. Uh...that's certainly chutzpah for you. Any chance of you actually providing a source for this alarming quote, or are you just slandering "the media" because it's become reflexive for you? No vague, semi-legible URL, even? I guess he must have blacked out before he got that far. I keep thinking there must be some sort of incredibly subtle anti-Obama thing here that I'm just not bright enough to get, because how the HELL can you make a statement like that given the current Obama lovefest going on, but...yeah, Tinsley doesn't really do subtlety.

And Tinz, you may not have met anyone who claimed that they wouldn't vote for a black candidate (although I somehow doubt you've done a comprehensive survey), but, many black Republicans are there in congress? Oh, that's I'm sure it's entirely coincidental. And I'm sure conservatives in Ohio resoundingly forgot to vote for Kenneth Blackwell because of his stances on the issues. Yes indeed.



Blogger Kaitlyn pontificated to the effect that...

He'll point to Condi Rice, Colin Powell, Alan Keyes, and this guy as evidence of the end of republican racism.

FWIW, my mom's mom automatically assumed that my mom wouldn't be voting for Harold Ford last November, because, hello, he's black.

And she lives in New Mexico!

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