Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Against the Blog: 4-3

Scarsdale Vibe in Venice, with Foley Walker. Scarsdale is suspicious about Kit's disappearance from Germany. Scarsdale is here collecting art, as I may or may not have mentioned before. Scarsdale is using underwater breathing gear to inspect a submerged mural, and Foley is repeatedly tempted to cut off his air supply. But, he doesn't, to our regret.

Kit and Reef are covertly observing them--will they be able to pwn Scarsdale in this setting? They meet up with Dally Rideout, along with Hunter Penhallow. Dally is still kind of attracted to Kit. Ruperta is here to. Apparently, Hunter knows her from somewhere. Dally offers to help with the whole assassination thing.

Andrea Tancredi. An anarchist with visions of Venice's fiery destruction, whom everyone has totally forgotten about because he appeared ONCE before, a long way back. Dally was attracted to him then, although seemingly that never went anywhere. Anyway, he's here.

At a ball that night where Kit and Reef are going to make their move, Tancredi, trying to preƫmpt them, is shot and killed by Vibe's bodyguards. Do you know how few actual named characters have been killed throughout this book so far? Bloody few, is how many: Webb Traverse, Sloat Fresno, now Tancredi...there was that guy that Fleetwood Vibe ordered to drop down a mineshaft way back when, but I don't think he was named. I'm probably forgetting someone, but it really seems as though, with all this shit blowing up left and right, more people should be biting the dust.

The Super Traverse Bros' cover is blown; they have to get out. Kit and Reef's parting is fractious, and Dally is upset that Kit has abruptly left her AGAIN.



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