Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Free music for all

NOTE: Okay, I never finished writing this, so there's only ONE recommendation. It's a pretty sweet album, though.

I feel compelled to share this blog with all--it's devoted to providing full-album downloads of insanely rare folk music, mostly from the sixties and seventies. A lot of this stuff was only ever released on extremely limited-run vinyl, and would be totally impossible to find actual physical copies of. A few recommendations:

Silver Birch. Beautiful vocal harmonies--I'm not sure if any of the songs are originals (some of them are new to me), but who cares? Great versions of great traditional songs like "The Wife of Usher's Well," "Lord Franklin," "Lyke Wake Dirge," and "The Trees They Do Grow High" (yes, they were obviously big Pentangle fans--like that's a bad thing?). And "Daddy Fox" was sort of a revelation, because there's TOTALLY a version of this song (under a different name) by (surely?) Gordon Bok, that I LOVED as a kid, but haven't heard lately because I'm pretty sure whatever album was on never saw a CD release. *I* don't have it, at any rate. Anyway: a seriously great album.


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