Monday, March 19, 2007

If you want to play that way, you need to listen to different bands.

This AV Club article poses the question: is it all right to be annoyed when your favorite cult band becomes a huge, mainstream success. Because everyone like feeling like part of an elite group, right? Well, of course. Me too. But the thing is, if your favorite obscure band DOES become a big success, it's because they play a kind of music that can appeal to a wide audience. And if THAT'S the case, then maybe you shouldn't have been so goddamn smug about liking them in the first place, eh? Just because a band isn't super well-known doesn't mean that their music is wildly out of the mainstream, and if they get big, it means they weren't that out of the ordinary in the first place and your tastes were ALWAYS laughably pedestrian HA HA!

That's why you should choose really WEIRD obscure artists to idolize. If Reverend Glasseye or Jay Munly or even 16 Horsepower suddenly became worldwide sensations, I think I'd have to reconsider everything I think I know about the world and its denizens.


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