Sunday, June 10, 2007

Good news for SK and anyone who doesn't think the Dem candidates are sufficiently progressive.

It turns out that Clinton is actually a socialist, per a well-reasoned letter to the Sun-Duhzette.

The Democrat frontrunner in the presidential race, Hillary Clinton, revealed herself to be a socialist the other day. Hillary said that we need to abandon the “on our own” society we have now and embrace the socialist ideal of a 'we're all in it together' society.

To those of you who want Ms. Clinton elected president, do you understand that a vote for her is a vote for socialism? Do those of you who work hard and are responsible for yourselves want to see your tax burden go up to support those who would rather ride for free? This is what socialism is. This is why socialism fails. The only equality that socialism produces is an equal level of misery in everyone. When the fruits of your success are taken from you and given to those with their hands out why would you try to succeed?

Socialism hasn't worked anywhere else. Why would Ms. Clinton think it would work here? Could it be that she is that dumb? Or does she think we are the dumb ones? We won't elect a socialist president, will we?

Vince Knauff

Ya know, I really considered trying to compose some sort of response to this, but ultimately it seemed like an exercise in futility. Anybody in the throes of this degree of frothing lunacy--as well as anybody swayed by it--is WAY too far-gone to listen to reason.


Anonymous Anonymous pontificated to the effect that...

Yeah, that's really cute. I remember how in the run-up to the Iraq war, the terms of the debate were basically, "Do we attack right this second, or do we get France to support us first, and then attack in a couple of days?" No one, literally no one, ever even suggested the possibility that Iraq might be left alone. And yet, though the point of contention in the debate was so trivial, both sides exerted colossal efforts in attacking, discrediting and smearing each other. And they probably really believed their own bullshit, too.

- SK

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