Monday, July 09, 2007

Bring back the ducking stool

Leaving aside the nutty overrating of BC, this tribute would be more moving if it weren't THREE MONTHS late. What, Tinsley just emerged from his drunken stupor, realized his alleged hero was dead, and just HAD to barf out a perfunctory tribute? And is that the most leaden, joyless rendering of a BC caveman EVAH, or what? I suppose it's POSSIBLE he's meant to look grief-striken, but he actually just appears to be hung over--a condition, I think we can assume, with which The Tinz is intimately familiar.

Is it in poor taste for me to mock this little exequy? Maybe, but blimey, the extreme lateness, coupled with the half-assed drawing and the text's hyperbolic desperation, don't exactly scream "sincerity" to me.



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