Thursday, August 16, 2007

Randomly Selected Digital Audio Tracks For Your Consideration

01. The Miles Martin Folk Group, "Geordie"
Because I am twelve years old, I can never keep from giggling at the line "he never stole ass." Tragically, this version doesn't include that line. Ah well. It's still a perfectly serviceable rendition. I think I like the Trees' version best, though. 6/10

02. The Clash, "Inoculated City"
The more spacey, tripped-out stuff on Combat Rock prefigures the late, lamented Joe Strummer's solo career. And that's a good thing. 8/10

03. Psalteria, "Una Pastora yo Amí"
Czech women playing Medieval music. Hells yes. It all starts to blend together when you can't understand the words (they sing in a wide variety of languages, rarely including English), but individually it's all good stuff. 7/10

04. Tom Waits, "Eyeball Kid"
Musically, this is pretty similar to "Sixteen Shells from a Thirty-Ought Six," but...well, that's okay. It's a driving, bluesy song, and as a bonus, it's about a guy who, yes, is JUST an eyeball. He should team up with the title character in "Tabletop Joe," who is just a pair of hands. 7/10

05. Peter Bellamy, "Back to the Army Again"
Bellamy did awesome musical renditions of Rudyard Kipling poems--such as this one. A somewhat jaded view of army life. 9/10

06. Joy Division, "Transmission"
Bleakest invitation to the dance floor EVAH. Always a favorite. 9/10

07. Steeleye Span, "Well Done Liar!"
The exclamation point is what does it. This is quite a hard-rocking thing with amusing lyrics, but certainly not a classic. 5/10

08. Calexico, "Across the Wire"
Rousing mariachi-type number about...ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!!!!11oneeleven Somebody notify Tom Tancredo at once! 8/10

09. The Buggles, "Johnny on the Monorail"
I have to tell you, people, this is a seriously awesome song. Ominous, pulsing beat. Mad evocative. Now if only their second album could be had for less than triple digits...10/10

10. Echo and the Bunnymen, "Do it Clean"
God knows why I was so fixated on the Bmen during my wasted youth. This is okay. I guess. 5/10


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