Sunday, May 11, 2008

Students will sometimes drive you crazy.

That is a given. They will fail to follow the most basic instructions. They will write "defiant" for "definite" because that's what ms word auto-corrects "definate" into. They will cite Wikipedia no matter how many times you tell them not to. They will miss five straight weeks of class with no explanation and then tell you that their grandfather died beg for some way to make up the missed work. They will plagiarize in the most head-smackingly obvious ways and then insult your intelligence by assiduously denying it.

Obviously this is highly aggravating and fuck you for being a pedant and telling me I can't use "aggravating" that way; I can and I will. So...yeah. You shout at papers as you're reading them, and you kvetch to your friends about them. Some might call that unprofessional, but you ain't a machine, and sometimes you need catharsis.

So anyway, I had written and was all set to post a snide little thing about a student who's been making me crazy. But then, I didn't. Obviously. I feel like there's an invisible line you can cross. It's one thing to sometimes be exasperated with students; it's quite another to turn into an unending font of rage, and I feel like once you get into the habit of pouring out your anger in print, you're gonna find yourself on the wrong side of that line, and then you might as well just pack it in, because who wants to be taught by a bitter husk?


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