Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Folk Music Advisory

Peter Howell and John Fernando made up a loose folk music duo in the sixties and seventies that recorded a series of super-obscure, beyond-underground records (Alice Through the Looking Glass; Tomorrow Come Someday; Agincourt, Fly Away; Ithaca, A Game for All Who Know; Friends, Fragile that have since gathered something of a cult following. Some of them have been rereleased on CD, some not; I'm not sure, since I got most of them from various folk music blogs. It consists of whispy, sometimes psychedelic melodies--not my favorite things ever, but pleasant enough.

Anyway, now there's an official website, as I learned from one of the few useful spam emails I've received. The layout's kind of terrible, but you will at some point be able to buy rereleases of all the albums, plus--the most interesting part for the devoted--a whole bunch of miscellaneous rare (well, rarer) and unreleased tracks. Pretty neat. I approve.


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