Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This is all that matters.

This. I mean yeah, I'd like universal marriage rights. And I'd like us out of Iraq. And I'd like the economy to be fixed. And so on. But really, if these things aren't accomplished immediately, it's not, in a literal sense, the end of the world. Whereas this kinda is. Or at least the end of civilization and we know it, and that isn't hyperbole. Hell, it may well already be too late. I think the most hopeful thing one can say is that this is some pretty damned complex-ass stuff, and that there are probably unforeseeable factors that will have a big effect and that even super-smart scientists can't predict that might mean we're not as doomed as we seem to be. But that's Pollyanna thinking. Maybe we've already irreversibly fucked ourselves over with our stupidity, short-sightedness, and greed; maybe not. But we CERTAINLY will have pretty damned soon if we don't get our act together. So yeah. Even if this is the only success of Obama's Presidency, I'll still say it was a Presidency worth having.


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