Sunday, November 09, 2008

Well, I like our new President so far.

See. It's fucking surreal to see him proposing unambiguously good things like this. The last eight years were SUCH a long, painful, dispiriting, more-often-than-not-futile slog to prevent the worst of bush's horrible policies from getting through, and all of a sudden, BAM--the new President does what I want him to do. Like Macs, he Just Works. Stem cell research? Here it is. Environmental protections? Right here. Sure, he's inevitably going to do things I don't like, and them I'll criticize him, but the overall philosophical difference is just night and day. More like this, please. And I can say that with the full expectation that there WILL be more like this. Extraordinary.


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I'm just waiting to find out the Cabinet appointments. Most of the names floated for SecState are actually pretty decent -- John Kerry, Bill Richardson and Chuck Hagel might be some of the least bad choices around. Hagel especially has maybe the most thoughtful and moderate foreign policy views of any mainstream politician -- if Obama chooses one token Republican, I really hope it's Hagel. But Gates, Lugar, and especially Richard Fucking Holbrooke would be awful choices that, to me, would indicate a Bush-by-way-of-Clinton foreign policy. I really hope he picks someone sane.

- SK

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