Friday, December 05, 2008


I know what you've been thinking: "there was never a prequel to this amazing story," you are reflecting to yourself. "What a shame." You naive FOOL!

End, not yet called End, but Miycondia, did not like his mortal life. He wanted immortality--which his people had thrown away like a broken spear!!!!!!!

He also had a very persuasive friend named Comewin.

One day Miycondia and Comewin went hunting together. Miycondia had a good hunt, but Comewin caught nothing, and when he saw Miycondia’s fine boar he practically died of envy. Though Miycondia usually shared whatever he caught with Comewin, this time Comewin was so jealous he angrily refused all food offered to him. So Miycondia took all the leftovers, but Comewin, still hungry, stole them. Miycondia swore to kill Comewin and went to do so. But when he got to the village, to his dismay, he found that Comewin had persuaded about fifty people to be his allies.

Furious, Miycondia saw that a quick revenge was not possible, so he started building a ladder and with it climbed to the heavens and started looking for the immorala, a plant with the property of immortality. When he found a field of immorala, he ate it until there was naught but a barren desert.

Now Miycondia, being immortal and having powers far superior to plain humans, changed himself into a kite and soared downwards. Miycondia was far from pleased when he saw Comewin ascending the mountainside, and angrily flew at the ladder, going top speed, and broke it. Comewin fell screaming and was badly injured.

Miycondia went back to earth to find that Comewin, in a last attempt to defeat him, with his men was terrorizing the countryside. Miycondia fought them off, but in the process lost a hand to a man named Unathes whom he fiercely killed. Then he put a spearhead in the place of his hand.

At the end of the battle, Miycondia’s friend Udelicor was killed by Comewin. Miycondia, enraged, took his spear and dipped it in a calabash of poison and struck Comewin with it, mortally wounding him. So he god his new name, End or Death.

Then End found the death vine in the middle of the jungle and descended it into the ground to the realm of Cheea, the king of death. But Congrace, the fifty-headed viper, would not let him pass, so End took on the likeness of a dead man and Congrace let him pass. When he got into O Nove, Cheea’s realm, he found Udelicor, but Cheea would not let them leave. Angrily End took the spear with which he had killed Comewin, cut off one of Congrace’s heads, and smeared some of the poison onto the spear, and killed Cheea. And so End became king of death, and changed Udelicor’s name to Rio-Liedeath, and made him the god of reincarnation. He gave him a staff with the head of a viper carved on the top, and the head of a sabertooth carved on the bottom. When people died, if they had been good, Rio-Liedeath would strike them with the viper head, and their next life would be a lucky one. But if they had been evil, he would strike them with the sabertooth, and their next life would be unlucky. Extremely evil people, such as Comewin, he would not strike at all, but send them to the bottom of O Nove, where they would be tortured forever with many different punishments. Comewin was given a spear and a find boar was set in front of him, but every time he tried to strike it, it would move out of the way, and he was always hungry.


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