Thursday, December 04, 2008

A small glimpse into Composition 11011

A student in my class did what I have been known to do, which is to compile the more eccentric statements made by one's teacher. And she presented these to me. I think I have a good way to go before I can REALLY compete with the pros in the weirdness stakes, but it's a start.

"You have problems, perhaps."

"What thinkest thou?"

"...which is a fantastic Scrabble word." [in reference to "quondam," I believe. And it is.]

"Do you hate all your friends?"

"And still, there are ghosts in this room!"

"I'm just gonna tear these things up out of spite."

"You'll find as you go through life that most things revolve around oysters."


Anonymous Anonymous pontificated to the effect that...

I am disappointed to find that you were unable to work, "Men...of...the sea!" into your routine.


9:16 PM  
Blogger Kaitlyn pontificated to the effect that...

Just a bit of nonsense - we totally played Scrabble while reading and discussing The Handmaid's Tale.

That day, we also had cupcakes.

The next class meeting, it was my turn to lead the discussion.

Yeah, pretty anticlimactic. But then again, no one topped Scrabble and cupcakes until the party on the last day of school. No games, but more food. Food is good.

Holdover from Duck and Cover - My word verification is wools, and, unless I'm mistaken, the handmaids wore wool. (I could be. The English exam was Monday. It is now Wednesday. I am lucky I know where my dorm is.)

2:59 PM  

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