Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Junior Woodchucks would never have done this

The Boy Scouts suck, however. Best bit from that piece:

In some cases, councils have sought revenues from logging or land sales to make up for funding lost because of the organization's controversial bans on gays and atheists.

"I only robbed that bank because my illegal gambling operation was shut down!"

Second-best bit:

"People talk about what a bad, evil, horrible thing it is to cut a tree," said Tim McCandless, executive for the Spokane, Wash., Inland Northwest Council. "But our mission is kids, not trees."

Stupid fucking trees. Way to be a good role model there, Timmy. Is "the importance of making a buck" one of your core principles? 'Cause if so, you're sure living that one out.

Seriously, do these people have a charter that can be revoked? Because to those of us who care about the environment while simultaneously not being right-wing fucknoceri, this looks like bullshit.


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