Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Classic Chick Tract

I'm ashamed. Earlier, I accused Jack Chick of being late to the Left Behind bandwagon, but I obviously have not studied the Gospel According to Jack closely enough, because if I had, I would have remembered The Last Generation, a gem from 1992. The Chickster was down with the rapture well before LaHaye and Jenkins. I should never have doubted him.

And it really is a gem of a tract. There is literally nothing about it that is not totally awesome. Bobby-the-Hitler-Youth's teacher instructing kids to sacrifice adorable puppies and kitties is obviously the high point, but the bizarre Spanish-Inquisition-Superhero is a close second.

Really, though, you can't totally blame Bobby for his behavior--after all, "the kids call him slime because his @!!!**! parents are still married. Rest assured, this happens ALL THE TIME. Just like how in the army, if you believe in Jesus, your sergeant tells you to "knock off this shit about religion right now or you're a dead man!" GOOD GOD, I love Jack Chick!

You may think ALL Chick Tracts are unsubtle, but this is really the ne plus ultra. And the weird, semi-realistic art style brings it on home. This is really the man at his prime.



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