Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Weird Planet Zigorotz

(sounds like an anime title, does it not?)

by: GeoX
age: 12

I will tell you about an exotic planet located in a different universe called Zigorotz. It is one hundred thousand light years away from planet Earth. Its diameter is seventeen thousand eight hundred thirty seven and eighty three billionths miles in diameter.

It has eleven continents on it, and fifty percent of it is water, while only forty seven percent is land.

Every seven years the planet is struck with a huge heat wave, so only the hardiest species survive, but those species are plentiful.

The names of the continents on Zigorotz, in order from smallest to largest, are Hellicon, Xorior, Uvic, Vellor, Keefoy, Tifoz, Ilio, Ecvipt, Icelith, Crocod, Luvid.

There are many volcanoes on Ziggorotz. In fact Hellicon is a huge volcano!!!

Now here is the planet’s animal life.

We will start with the mammals. While there are not many of them on planet Zigorotz, they live on every continent but Hellicon. Hear they are: The Eastern Micro Wombat, the spikey anteater, the arrow tailed squirrl, the carnivorous bat, the venomous lynx, and the mondo manatee.

The only two reptiles living on Ziggorotz are the desert Snapping tortois and the Mega Mouth Gaviel.

The only echoniderm is the Razor Starfish.

Next is the Cnidarias. They are the giant hydra, the assasin jelly fish, the navel base anemonie.

Now, your probably going to say, “Hey you creep, you forgot some of the species.” That is because, although there are not many of them, there are to many to list here.


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