Thursday, April 16, 2009

Is Jack Chick just in it for the money?

So there's this book, Hot Topics, which compiles six klassic trakts along with commentary and stuff. I kinda badly want it, but I kinda badly don't want to give money to ChickCo. So it's a dilemma. But that is not my point. My point is:

Home Alone - not available anywhere else!
This book also contains one new story that is not being released in tract form: HOME ALONE. It is an emotional message against homosexuality and child abuse. The interview and research on the pages that follow show the shocking plans of the homosexual activists who are determined to have your children. The chart showing the current age of consent in many major nations is proof that these people are making real progress to get our children, and will stop at nothing.

As you can imagine, I'm extremely interested in the homosexual agenda to abuse children, but this raises troubling questions: "not available anywhere else?" Where's the logic behind that? You can't hand it out if it's printed in a book, and partisans are probably already comfortably on board the God Hates Fags train, so what good is it? One would almost kinda think that, rather than evangelizing to non-believers, ChickCo was trying to make a buck by marketing themselves to insufferably ironic Chick connoisseurs like me. Jack, I call on you to prove this scurrilous accusation wrong by sending me a free copy of your book!



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