Thursday, May 28, 2009

Favorite Duck Comics

By request, some always-subject-to-change lists from which I may well have left some vitally important stories. Lists in approximately descending order. Only five Donald adventures because there are so many fewer than there are Scrooge adventures. I really ought to also make a list of Barks ten-pagers, as well as one of Gyro stories, but the problem is, there are a hell of a lot of those that I haven't yet read.

Barks Donald Duck Adventures

Dangerous Disguise
Big-Top Bedlam
Vacation Time
Lost in the Andes
A Christmas for Shacktown

Barks Uncle Scrooge Adventures

Only a Poor Old Man
The Horseradish Story
The Flying Dutchman
Back to Long Ago
The Mines of King Solomon
The Prize of Pizarro
The Secret of Atlantis
The Mysterious Stone Ray
Mystery of the Ghost Town Railroad
The Menehune Mystery

Don Rosa Stories

A Letter from Home; or, The Old Castle's Other Secret
Return to Xanadu
Prisoner of White Agony Creek
The Quest for Kalevala
The Empire-Builder from Calisota
Last Sled to Dawson
The Beagle Boys vs. The Money Bin
Attack of the Hideous Space Varmints
His Majesty, McDuck
A Matter of Some Gravity


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