Saturday, July 18, 2009

This is so incredibly weird I can't even come up with a witty title.

From an interview with Floyd Gottfredson in the book Mickey Mouse in Color:

S: Did Walt take much of an interest in the comic strip as it was going along? Did you get criticism or story suggestions from him?

G: At the start I did. He would make suggestions every once in a while, for some short continuities and so on, and I would do them. One that I'll never forget, and which I still don't understand--around early 1931 I believe it was, he said, "Why don't you do a continuity of Mickey trying to commit suicide?" So I said "Walt! You're kidding!" He replied, "No, I'm not kidding. I think you could get a lot of funny stuff out of that." I said, "Gee whiz, Walt, I don't know. What do you think the Syndicate will think of it? What do you think the editors will think? And the readers?" He said, "I think it will be funny. Go ahead and do it." So I did, oh, maybe ten days of Mickey trying to commit suicide--jumping off bridges and landing in garbage scows, trying to hang himself and the limb breaks, rigging up a gun and something happens to it. I don't remember all the details. But, strangely enough, the Syndicate didn't object. We didn't hear anything from the editors, and Walt said, "See, it was funny; I told you it would be." So, there were a few things like that.


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That's awesome and, really, what's missing from Disney these days.

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