Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You care about blargh, yet you don't care about flargh! Hypocrites!

I don't want this to become the All-Sun-Duhzette-Letters Kavalkade, but this is just too good. Just imagine a bunch of "sic's" throughout. Otherwise we're going to be here all damn day.

Mr. Bross letter wants us to rethink fertility and recycle to save the earth. I believe all he needs to do is rethink his liberalism. I am sick to death of listening to people spout untruth's based on a political agenda. The only problems I see in this country are caused by touchy feely people saving the planet and telling others how they should be living their lives. How anyone can associate a family having a baby with ruining this earth is so far out of touch.

The planet would be saved if everyone would put aside their differences and come up with an energy plan using what "god" yes that is right. What "God"gave us to use. We have plenty of energy in this country and clean uses for it. But people like you have to whine about how we are all destroying the planet so we can create more legislation and new tax and spend ideas. If people like Mr. Bross and the legislatures would get out of the way and let entrepreneur's create new clean power without taxing them to death this country could be a leader in energy and save his beloved planet.

I can imagine you hate water bottles too even though most of the beverages drank in this country are from other types of drinks. I don't hear anyone in the media bashing plastic bottles containing Pepsi, Coke or energy drinks because they donate to the your leftist agenda. We could save landfills if we could just bash and tax to death soda and energy drinks like you have beer and cigarettes. If the truth is known you taxed the health care right out of cigarettes and beer, and now they no longer have enough money to sustain those free insurance programs our government created. I believe that is what Obama's nationalized healthcare plan is going to replace.

Jean M. Budman

I don't pay enough attention to know who this Mr. Bross fellow is, but that's beside the point, which is: this poor woman has gone irretrievably out of her head. I don't know if "you libruls HATE water bottles, yet you LOVE soda bottles! Hypocrites!" is a mutated version of some meme going around on right-wing radio, but either way, it is sublimely nonsensical. Being outraged at teh librulz apparently doesn't even require anymore that your anger have some kind of relationship, no matter how baroque, with actual, real-world things. I mean, when Vince Knauff complains about how teh librul media was always blaming whatsisface for 911, sure it was absurd, but at least there is in fact a media, there was in fact a President whatsisname, and in an alternate reality, said media could have blamed him for 911. But water bottles versus soda bottles? What? You libruls claim you HATE pangolins, and yet you favor yellow-bellied sapsucker conservation efforts! BLAERGRWERH!!!!!111¡¡¡ That's exactly as sensical. Looks like my claim that right-wing pundits are responsible for propagating mental illness is vindicated.

Incidentally, this blog is the second google hit for "Vince Knauff" (third if you leave off the quotes). It he ever googled his name, we'd probably see some totally sweet comments. In fact, I sort of wonder if maybe my occasional anonymous troll is not in fact the man himself. That would mean that I'm also responsible for the Duck and Cover troll, since it's clearly the same guy. Sorry!


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