Sunday, October 04, 2009

Quotin' people who are smarter than me

I have a hard time bringing myself to have a firm opinion about Roman Polanski, but this post is good, and this comment by aimai is better:

These people are absolute toddlers, morally and intellectually. They refuse to display the slightest emotion, grief, or shame over actual crimes that they are party to as members of our elite media and they posture and wail and display themselves like hired mourners at a funeral over a thirty year old case that they just discovered is topical. And, please, for the record—each and every one of Polanski’s new public enemies would have happily and quietly gone to dinner with him at any time in the last thirty years because he’s a celebrity and they are all celebrities. This girl and her sufferings were no more real to them than the Iraqis we bombed. The whole thing is fake from top to toe. From outrage to outrage its vaporware.

Aimai is I.F. Stone's granddaughter, you know. I'd say she's doing him proud.


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