Thursday, May 27, 2010

Alas, the party is more or less over.

Take my word for it: if you had visited America Speaking Out last night, you would have had a blast. Literally a good eighty to ninety percent of the ideas that had been submitted treated the site with exactly as much respect as such transparently condescending bullshit deserves. It was truly glorious. These ideas are still present, but now they have more or less been pushed aside in favor of serious--for a HIGHLY eccentric definition of "serious"--ideas.

Let's pretend for a moment that anyone in the republican party was taking the submissions to this site seriously: no genuinely GOOD ideas would be sufficiently wingnutty for them to try to implement; the site's alleged non-partisanship is obviously a very thin smokescreen. So all they'd be able to use would be the wingnutty ones. And where do the wingers GET these wingnutty idea? From fox news and right-wing radio. And where do THEY get their talking points? From RNC blast faxes (it's possible that in some cases the talking points actually START with the wingnut demagogues--the basic equation is the same, though). So what you have here is a perfectly closed circuit. By its very nature, the website instantly neutralizes itself. Republicans have been whining of late about the way the term "epistemic closure" is being bandied around with regard to their ideology, but this site only strengthens that accurate perception.


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