Monday, June 28, 2010

Robert Byrd

All elected officials--especially at the national level--are imperfect, and never more so than in our terribly-flawed nation. Still, I think Byrd was pretty okay, under the circumstances. I admire him, at any rate, for renouncing his (incredibly) racist past. When you grow up, your views--especially irrational views--tend to become calcified, and it's damned hard to change. So in that sense, he was better than most.

Maybe now republicans will knock off the "Robert Byrd was in the Klan forty years ago; therefore, all Democrats are racists forever no take-backs" two-step.

Ha-ha. Sorry. Just a little joke. I apologize if it seemed inappropriate. But seriously--they'll keep repeating it until the Sun goes super-nova, or past that, if they can somehow swing it. You'd think that a bunch of putative Christians would like a redemption story, but alas, they've spent all their Christian forgiveness on republican senators with unusual sexual proclivities. Whatryagonnado?


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