Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Three Wise Hunters

You've called for Three Hunters, Three Hunters are we
And you do tempt us to be your Three Kings
We've hunted in Egypt, Greece, and Norway
And we can replenish you of your freedom
And we can set you people free
But you must accept our offering
Now let us introduce what we bring

I'm Marcus Aurelius, I'm the King of the Sky,
I give you every stolen bird feather
Use them to wipe the pity from your eyes
I'll fly them to heaven to take away your pain
My subjects will carry your feathers forever
your pain will be so far out of your reach
I'm Marcus Aurelius and this is my offering
I offer to you to be your First King

I am Lucius, the King of the Water
I offer you the fat and the oil of the pickerel fish
I will flenser your fear off that congealed on yourselves
I'll take your fear and rub you with unguent
In mouths my baleens will hold your fear in safe keeping
I am Lucius and this, this is my offering
I offer to you to be your Second King

My names is Jonas, call me Jonas Groan
Banished to the Underworld where I'm mostly alone
All I got is a backbone from some hellhound
I'm sorry but that's all I found underground
Cold dark and lonely, I'll never let you get as low as me
I'm Jonas Groan and this is my only offering
Don't have to offer much to be only Third King

We are the Three Kings, we will keep you safe
we might hunt with a harness an ulu or arsenic
We'll take your pity and fear that keeps you lowly
And if we accept your offering and take your beast far away
then we will rule as your Kings
We'll start the hunt when you accede



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