Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Republicans no longer even trying to avoid appearing cartoonishly evil

Actual headline: "Republicans block child nutrition bill." Comments not recommended, unless you find the spectacle of people yearning mightily for the days when we didn't have to pretend to have a "society" and could just beat one another with tree branches at will somehow edifying.

Of course, the reason for blocking this is "costs." Look, I know this is probably obvious to all y'all, but it's something that really can't be said enough: nobody--NOT ONE PERSON--in Washington gives a shit about "deficits." If you're a Republican, you pretend to care deeply about them as an excuse to fuck over poor people--ANYONE not in the billionaires' club, really--as much as possible (not saying they're especially bright, except in an instinctive, lizard-brain kind of way--the flesh of billionaires is gonna taste as good as anyone's in the post-apocalyptic hellscape--but being stupid doesn't mean they're not evil). I know that sounds cartoonishly evil, but that's because it is. If you actually cared about this shit, you wouldn't care about tax cuts for billionaires MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD. This shit is minimally complicated. If you're a Democrat, you probably don't actually jerk off to the thought of fucking over poor people, but you know that people on the other side do, so you pretend that you're in favor of doing it too, albeit possibly marginally less roughly. This is a wise strategy, because what possible problem could there be with trying to compromise with the criminally insane?


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