Saturday, January 08, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords

Nothing too profound to say about this horrific tragedy. It's pretty obvious that this act of violence is almost certainly directly correlated with the pervasive violent rhetoric on the right, but things are still pretty hazy, I suppose.

Let me just say this: hey--you--teabagging candidates burbling about "second-amendment solutions"--this is what a "second-amendment solution" looks like. A whole bunch of people dead and injured for no goddamn reason; with no earthly political accomplishment resulting. And you teabaggers hauling assault rifles to town hall meetings cuz hur hur raght ta bear arms hyuk hyuk hyuk--this--and nothing else--is what you're feinting at. Fear and pain and blood and death. You own this. If you refuse to repudiate this kind of rhetoric with such an immediate object lesson of what it means staring you in the face...well, you're a pretty monstrous individual. But unless you're in favor of today's events, I don't see how you have any other choice.


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