Saturday, September 24, 2011

Could you please answer me one simple question?

Why do Republicans always have to be such fucking dirtbags?

(But hey, on the bright side, on the Scale o' Vomitousness, I suppose booing a gay soldier is marginally less nauseating than cheering Perry's murder record or uninsured people dying. Great job, guys!)

I often ask myself--I've asked it on this blog from time to time--what makes wingers the way they are, and no doubt there are complex sociological reasons, but sometimes it just gets so, so tiring, and I just want them to fucking stop. So, in my faux-naïve way (to be distinguished from those many times when I'm actually naïve), I have to ask: really, people? Is it that fucking hard to be minimally decent human beings? YES. Besides which, being decent human beings doesn't piss off teh librulz effectively, so fuck it. It's probably true that I'm hyperbolizing when I call you "sociopaths," and yet you keep doing your utmost to demonstrate that I'm not by evincing no capacity whatsoever for shame. Gosh.

(Can you even conceive of the mind-bending horror that will be their convention next year? Kristallnacht for Kidz!)

There are millions of these people, and millions more who may not cheer but nonetheless don't care and they all vote and oh my are we ever fucked.


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